Thursday, October 15, 2009

Part of Ozone layer in Global warming

Lets know something interesting about ozone layer. What ozone layer actually is?
It is a layer of oxygen molecules formed like a blanket above the surface of the earth around 25 to 35 km. The main role of ozone layer is to filter the Ultra violet rays and Infra Red rays and send the rest of the light to the earth without any hazardous radiations. So that considerable amount of the heat from the sun is reduced which makes the earth a lively planet unlike other planets.
What is ozone depletion? Depletion means a puncture or damage. Ozone depletion means the damage of the ozone layer.
Ozone damage gets much worse when the stratosphere is very cold. This has been the case the past two years, causing extensive ozone depletion. Recently Ozone depletion reached the most severe levels ever recorded over the Northern Hemisphere. Western United States ozone levels also continue to drop 3 to 4 percent per decade. Even if all of our efforts to stop harmful emissions are successful, the ozone layer is not expected to begin recovery until around 2020 at the earliest.

The Earth's atmosphere is made up of different layers. The layer closest to the surface is called the troposphere which extends from the Earth's surface up to about 10 kilometers. The ozone layer is located above the troposphere in the stratosphere (10 km to about 50 km high). Stratospheric ozone is Earth's natural protection for all life forms, shielding our planet from harmful ultraviolet-B radiation. UV-B radiation is harmful to humans, animals, and plant life. The ozone layer is being destroyed by certain industrial chemicals including ozone depleting refrigerants, and methyl bromide, a deadly pesticide used on crops.

*Ozone depletion results in the increased number of skin cancer patients.
*It increases the global temperature by allowing hazardous radiation in to atmosphere of the earth.

One of the dangerous thing which we actually don’t know is our refrigerators and air conditioners play the major role in ozone depletion. Because you might have seen a cylinder in behind the refrigerators and the air conditioners which contains the cooling gas known as Cloro Fluro Carbon (CFC).
Whenever you operate these cooling machines the gas which is emitted is dangerous.


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